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Dunder Mifflin Company Handbook
Why People Ops teams use Almanac
Organize Policies
Streamline Onboarding
Policy Compliance
Manage Templates
Build a world-class company handbook.
Give every employee the knowledge and context they need to succeed with an easy-to-use, collaborative company handbook.
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Almanac has been such an essential tool for us – it’s allowed us to cleanly organize our company information in a way that saves us time, optimizes our collaboration, and keeps the team up to date and informed.
Chelsea De La Grana
Chelsea De La Grana
Director of People & Compliance at Codesmith
features loved by People People
Curate docs into company or team-specific playbooks.
Read Receipts
Share docs and ask for recipients to acknowledge receipt.
Activity Feed
See how docs change over time. Revert at any point.
Doc Permissions
Fine tune access to who can view, comment, or edit.
Know when docs are read.
Share docs with read receipts and see precise analytics on who has followed through.
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Almanac document with read receipts
The real tie-breaker between Almanac and Notion is Almanac’s workflows and version control.
Dave Wilson
Dave Wilson
CFO & Cofounder at ProvenCFO
Manage revisions with the right people.
Make updates to documents through connected versions, controlling who can make edits with total transparency.
As a startup, I’m bringing on contractors and staff all the time. I’ve shared the same thing 100 times for a bunch of people. Almanac’s workflows help get people onboarded fast.
Nick Tietz
Nick Tietz
Founder + CEO of ILT Studios
Standardize your templates.
Build and maintain a library of templates to operationalize your tried-and-true processes.
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Company Handbook
I am on a really small team with limited resources, but with the Almanac platform, it feels like I have a huge team because I have access to knowledge and ideas from a large community.
Chika Kashara
Chika Kasahara
Recruiter at Remind
Before Almanac
With Almanac
Your out-of-date wiki is never used by your team because it lives in a bookmark that’s never touched.
Your team references the handbook regularly as a trusted source of truth because it’s integrated into where people work—docs.
Create a Slack thread and ask people to emoji respond to acknowledge they’ve read a document.
Share a doc with Read Receipts to see analytics on who has viewed a doc.
Versions get mixed up and important docs have the incorrect information.
Versions are linked to the main doc and merged into a final doc.
Inconsistencies across your People Ops docs damage your employee experience.
Templates are easily updated and deliver a consistent level of quality and accuracy—while saving time.
Institutional knowledge disappears when people transition out of your organization.
Institutional knowledge stays up to date and grows overtime.
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